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AMIC offers 80 types of steel wires divided into 5 range of products. With diameters from 0.08 to 30 mm for wires and from 0.28 to 18 mm for bars, our stocks and processes allow us to supply our customers quickly with quality materials.

Our steel wires are cold drawn and their mechanical characteristics are obtained by work hardening.

Fil d'acier dur pour ressorts


SH, SM, SL, DH, DM, Classe II G1, 51CRV4… Hard drawn steel or high carbon spring steel wires are used to manufacture compression, tension and torsion springs. Spring steel wires are classified according to their tensile strength: low, medium and high.

Fils d'acier inoxydable coupés en barre

Stainless steel WIRE

We offer many grades of stainless steel wire: 302, 303, 304, 316, 17/7 PH, 904L… These wires are intended for the manufacture of springs and spring parts subjected to corrosive agents and sometimes to medium-high temperatures.

Fils d'acier inoxydable coupés en barre
Fil d'acier doux (bas carbone) en bobine

Nickel alloys WIRE

Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Nimonic®, Phynox®, Monel®… Nickel alloys, thanks to their mechanical, thermal or magnetic properties, are used for the most sensitive applications. Aeronautical, chemical, petrochemical, fluid treatment, energy, environment, and even electronics and electrical engineering industries…


Low Carbon steel WIRE

C4D, C7D, C9D, C10D… Mild steel wires or low carbon steel wires are intended for the manufacture of shaped parts. Their tensile strength is much lower than hard spring steel wires. Gabions, fences and metal doors, baskets, decorations and furniture

Fils alliages nickel Amic entreposés en couronne
Fils cuivre, laiton et fils aluminium entreposés

Non-ferrous WIRE

Copper and copper alloys, Brass, Titanium, Aluminium… Amic distributes and transforms non-ferrous metal wires and bars. They are also used in the manufacture of springs and shaped parts for various sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, medical, furniture, decoration…


Whatever your need, we offer you a customized solution.

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