Our steel wires and
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AMIC supplies French and European spring makers and formed part manufacturers to meet the needs of many industries. Our perfect mastery of materials combined with our machine park, which is the largest in Europe, enables us to offer high quality products with a very high level of reactivity.

Logo de l'industrie aéronautique


Amic is a recognised supplier to the largest aerospace and aeronautics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our wide range of materials meet the requirements and standards of the industry. Our wires are used in sensitive parts of equipment (landing and safety systems, ejection seats, etc.).

Logo de l'industrie automobile


As the music wire specialist, Amic meets the precision requirements of the automotive industry. Our wires are used in engines, structures, gearboxes… The high technical performance of our stainless steel wires, high carbon steel wires and low carbon steel wires, meet the innovations of the sector.

Industry solutions

Our wide range of products enables us to meet the customer requirements from many industrial sectors.

Logo de l'industrie médicale


Amic supplies the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacture of medical and surgical equipment (needles, stents, guides catheter, etc.). Our wires comply with very high standards to ensure an ideal sanitary state.

Logo de l'industrie de l'énergie


Our wires ensure the efficiency of energy production in France and Europe. They are used in nuclear reactors, gas turbines or wind turbines. Also used in the petrochemical industry, they meet the needs for precision and the standards required by the sector.

Logo de l'industrie agroalimentaire


Amic’s know-how enables to meet the requirements of the food industry. We supply materials meeting strict sanitary standards and including anti-corrosive characteristics. Our stainless steel wires have a high chemical resistance to ensure an optimal level of hygiene. The applications are: Supermarket trolleys, kitchen utensils, household appliances, associated electronics…

Logo de l'industrie de la décoration

Decor market

Furniture, lampshades, lighting, displays… The use of our wires and bars increases decorations items quality and durability.

Logo de l'industrie du luxe


Our steel wires are used in luxury and jewellery industries through multiple applications: creation of jewellery, perfume bottles manufacturing, watchmaking, luggage, stationery… The biggest luxury brands integrate Amic products into their manufacturing process.

Logo de l'industrie environnemental


AMIC provides major ecological transition players. Amic’s wires are used to ensure equipment durability and maintenance.

Logo de l'industrie de l'art


Steel wires and bars are regularly used by artists, particularly for sculptures composition. AMIC supplies many creators and art schools for their creative projects realisation.

Logo de l'industrie événementielle


AMIC supplies event companies with the production of stages, logistics modules and presentation pieces.

Whatever your need, we offer you a customized solution.
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