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February 3, 2020

AMIC celebrated its 70th anniversary this year, surrounded by our clients, partners and friends. It is an opportunity to look back over the exciting story of this family business that has reinvented itself over the years.

Three generations!

Three generations enabled AMIC to become the music wire specialist we know today! It is always with the same high standards and the same sense of service that AMIC develops its range of steel wire and bar products.

The expertise of the company is exported today with more than 20 % of its manufacturing abroad.
The organization of stocks and the management of orders allow AMIC to supply its customers continuously, without breaking the chain. The know-how and experience of its team, both operational and administrative, ensure the reactivity of orders.

70 years of steel wire references, processing techniques and machine development make AMIC a dynamic and forward-looking family industry.


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